June 2014 Challenge

Entries so far!


Hi everyone,

I hope that this brings the May Challenge to you.

This time I have tried to provide something for everyone in the introductory and intermediate skill level categories.

So without further ado, here is the May Photoshop Challenge!

The May PS/PE challenge

Since the last few challenges have  gotten such a limited response, I will try to offer up a few challenges in this month so that there is hopefully something for everyone to try.

June Challenge 1 – Using a square format (Introductory skill level )

  1. Go out with your camera and take a few photos in your backyard.
  2. If you know how, you can set your camera to a square format (RTM!).
  3. If you don’t know how to set your camera to a square format, then use PS /PE to crop your image into a square format.
  4. Please send your final square .jpg image to me at (photoshop@ausom.net.au).

June Challenge 2 – Take a part of Photo 1 and add to Photo 2 (Introductory skill level )

  1. This was shown in Part 2 of the the post for May.
  2. Select a face from Photo 1. by either using Copy and Paste or by creating a mask.
  3. Copy this into Photo 2.
  4. Use free Transform to resize/rotate the part that you have added to Photo 2.
  5. Save it as a jpg and send it it to me  at (photoshop@ausom.net.au).

June Challenge 3 – Open a photo in PS/PE, duplicate the layer, and use blending modes to create an image effect (Intermediate skill level)

  1. The title tells you the first two steps .Or you could use a layer fill effect instead for Layer 2.
  2. Go through the blending modes until you find one or two that you like.
  3. Use the opacity slider to reduce an effect if it is too strong.
  4. Save it as a jpg and send it it to me  at (photoshop@ausom.net.au).

 June Challenge 4 – Create a composite image using blend modes and opacity slider (Intermediate skill level)

  1. Open up Photos 1 and 2 in PS/PE.
  2. Use the blending modes and opacity slider to get an effect of one image showing through the other.
  3. Save it as a jpg and send it it to me  at (photoshop@ausom.net.au).

That’s all, folks!


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