Please click on the link below to go to a previous article in a different blog on Layers and Selections.


3 Responses to Layers

  1. Lois Saleeba says:

    I think this is a wonderful idea and will help the group enormously. The web page is easy to negotiate as well. How did you know I wanted help with Layers?? I did not see the Questionnaire.
    I look forward to learning a lot. Well done!

    • woldham says:

      Hi Lois,
      Thanks for the feedback with your comment..
      I can not make any claim to being able to read minds but I get close on the odd occasion.
      Think of a colour. Now say it out loud. Yes! That was it.Well done to you as well.

  2. Neil Cameron says:

    Hi Bill, Thanks for your excellent presentation this afternoon. As a complete beginner, I found this session to be very helpful and I’m looking forward to following the steps in your notes on layers to come up with something creative which I can forward on to you before our next meeting.
    Best wishes, Neil

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