Photoshop SIG Notes – December 2016


The December  SIG looked at ways to use selection tools to:
(1) Change the sky back ground
(2) Change the background colour
(3) Ways to create composite images

But first, a look at another outline for a workflow from the lads at photography.tuts plus (–cms-27487).

I amazed at the occasional gem that appears sometime among all the day to day mediocre websites. The one below is an example of one of these gems.

Work flow outline for post production of your images.
We always seem to be looking at a different order of steps to follow for enhancing a snapshot. This is a website worth going to have a read.

The steps are the same, ” . .  whether it is for a workflow that’s quick and dirty for pictures on a deadline, or it might be a workflow for producing the best possible image, for when quality counts. ”

The website above suggests five stages for your post production image enhancement.
There are five stages to this workflow:

  1. File Preparation
  2. Pre-Visualization
  3. Building Up
  4. Pre-Print
  5. Output

How to replace a sky in Photoshop
The details for this were covered a few years ago in a previous post. Please refer back to it at:

For today, we will just do a simpler method for the down and dirty way.
(1) Open up one of your own photos with a boring sky. The one that I am starting with is shown below. It shows the editor walking along the beach with a friend at Eastern view on the Great Ocean Road. The shadow of the intrepid photographer can be seen at the bottom of the snapshot. Here it is.

Image 1 – Editor walking on beach


(2) A few steps have been left out here. I opened the image in Adobe Camera Raw using the RAW format from my trusty Canon G12.  Next, I used the basic panel to go through some enhancement of the photo. I checked the size of the image (9 x 12 inches). I used the crop tool to change it to a 8 x 6 photo at 300 dpi so that I could print it when finished. Here is the image ready for the next step.

Image 2 – Editor on beach cropped.


Click on image to see in full size.

(3) Press Control + J to duplicate the layer.
(4) Click on the Quick Selection tool and use it to select the sky.
(5) Press the Delete button to make the sky disappear.


lace holder.


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