October 19, 2015 – topic for the November SIG

When: November 7, 2015 at 2:00 p.m.
Where: Photoshop Training Room, New Hope Baptist Church
Contact: Bill Oldham. Email me at photoshop@ausom.net.au
Photoshop SIG website: https://2014photoshopsig.wordpress.com/

The Photoshop SIG aims to present a new topic each month to meet requests from its members. This is followed up with a monthly challenge to encourage members to try out what they were shown at the SIG or that they read about on the SIG website.

In general, the SIG tries to cover both Photoshop Elements (PE) and Photoshop (PS) users. However, there may be times when a Photoshop feature is not part of Photoshop  Elements.

Last month in October
One of the requests for a topic during the last few weeks has been for the steps to follow to restore an old photo that may have cracks in it and be faded.

In order to meet this request, Bill Ellemor returned in October as a guest presenter to discuss the topic of restoring old photos.

His last talk was so good that all the SIG members looked forward to hearing him again.

Members were encouraged to bring along their old photos, follow Bill’s talk and take a few notes about what they could do to restore their own older photos using PS/PE.

This month in November
We have been using a series of steps to follow to enhance an image. Steps 3 and 4 have been covered in the last two months and in the SIG notes. Here is an outline of the steps involved:
3. CROP the working copy to reduce unwanted pixels from its perimeter and straighten the image if appropriate. (covered in August, 2015)
4. Improve image tone and color as needed. (covered in August, 2015)
5. Fix localized problems. (covered in September with Bill Ellemor)
6. Make “artistic” changes as desired. (covered in July with filters)
7. Sharpen the image if needed. (November SIG topic!)
8. Save and print.
9. Make a Web version if desired.

The next topic for the November SIG will be how to sharpen your image and the things that you need to consider before trying it.

Photoshop one on one
If anyone wants to sit down with me for a one on one Photoshop session, please let me know. I would be happy to sit down with anyone in the morning. It’s BYOC. Please email me at photoshop@ausom.net.au to arrange a time, if you interested.

Hope to see you there.



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