Photoshop Artistry with PS/PE

This is a short article for the February AUSOM magazine.

The intent is to take two images and combine then to get a composite that we can print and then mount on the wall to showcase your Photoshop skills to your family.

We will use a combination of copy and paste, masking, and blending modes to get our final creation.

Please note that a few steps have been left out since you already know how to do them after practising them each month in the last year.

How to do it
(1) Open an image of your choice in PS. I have used a picture of our cat.
(2) Duplicate the background layer.
(3) Open a second image in PS. This is a picture from the local vandalised bus stop.
(4) Click on the tab of the cracked glass and drag it down a short distance into the workspace. Like this:

Image 1 - cat and glass

Cracked glass and cat images.


(5) Press V to get to the Move tool.
(6) Click and drag the glass image onto the cat image. Like this:

Image 2 - glass dragged into cat image with layers

Glass image has been added as a new layer to the cat image.

(7) Close the WIP Cracked Image tab. We do not need it any more.
(8) Press Control + 0 to fit the image to the workspace. This gives a bit more to look at.
(9) Click on the Add mask button. This creates a mask that we can use to hide part of the broken glass. Like this:

Image 3 - three layers and mask

Note that the top layer opacity has been turned down to 40% so that you can see the cat layer is actually there.

(10) Set the opacity back to 100 % in the layers window. Now cycle back and forth between 0% and 100% with the slider until you are satisfied with the result. I have set my slider on about 60% for the way that it looks like quartz crystal on the right.
(11) Cycle through the blend modes until you find an effect that you like. I have chosen the Darken blending mode. The only problem is that I can not see the cat any more. Not to worry. It’s time to paint with light.
(12) Press D to reset your background and foreground colours to white and black.
(13) Now press X to swap the colours so that black is the foreground colour.
(14) Press B to bring up the brush tool. Make sure that you are still on the top layer(Cracked Glass).
(15) Use the brush and click and drag over Fugly’s head. The cracked glass in that area disappears. We are using the mask and the brush tool to erase the Cracked Glass layer and reveal Fugly’s cute face that is in the layer beneath. Like this:

Image 4 - final cat and cracked glass

Photo of Fugly the cat with cracked glass overlay using blending and masking so that just his cute little face appears. And yes, I should have used the healing brush to get the scratches off his nose.

Hope that this  is getting your creative juices flowing and will encourage you to try some PS artistry of your own.

Unfortunately, that is all that we have time  and space for in the February magazine.

That’s all, folks!





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