Photoshop Elements

Hello everyone.

The unintended emphasis in 2014 was on Photoshop.

For 2015, we will be looking mainly at Photoshop Elements Versions 11 to 13.

The simplest solution is tell everyone to go out and get Lightroom 5. But we will leave that one for the Photography SIG.

How do Learn new ideas?
The internet now gives you a fantastic way to learn – reading, watching, trying, hearing. The internet also gives you one of the great ways to fritter your time away. I have become very skilled in time frittering this last year.

There is so much material on the internet that it is easy to lose track of what you set out to do. There are so many distractions.

My aim here is to give you a starting point that involves hearing, watching, reading and then you stop the video and try it on your lonesome.

If you find a good resource, please add to this page as a comment so that others may visit it as well.

Between visits to Facebook (Farms), Twitter, Instagram (whatever that is), etc., you can always try your hand at social book marking. The result is a website where only only good website links are posted on a range of topics. Sort of like separating the wheat from the chaff.

What is new in 2015?
Adobe offers one of the better free online courses. That will be one of our main resources throughout 2015.

The initial outline for what we will be doing comes from the Adobe TV video series on Photoshop Elements 11 (

Here is a screenshot of the course for beginning with PE.

screenshot of adobe TV PE 11

Topics for the Adobe FREE PE 11 course. Yep, that’s right. It’s FREE.

As you want to do a bit more advanced work with your images, you can try the PE 12 course (


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