June 1, 2014

Hello, everyone.

First  I need to apologise for any one that I may have upset with the image of a person on a horse’s body in that last post.

My brain was disconnected and I did not stop to consider that it was politically offensive.

So my apologies for that.

Menu Bar
The Menu Bar now has just five choices – Home, About, Monthly Challenges 2014, Photoshop Elements (PE) and Photoshop (P). There is a temporary sixth choice titled Assorted which will remain until I can sort out the various pages.

This is an attempt to organise the different posts from me  and past pdfs from Barbara and Pat. It is also meant to help the different users that we have in the group that are interested in either PE or P but not necessarily both.

May Challenge
I hope to see a lot more entries in the May Challenge. There is a variety of tasks that you may try for both new and intermediate users of PE and P.

June Meeting
Barbara is going to be the moderator for the June 2014  P and PE SIG.

The SIG will look at how to restore an image using PE.

There will be a odds and ends on the website notes as well.


About woldham

Concise! Retired and loving it!
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